28mm underwater motor Waterproof motor diameter for robot with propeller

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Model No.  2210B
Motor type underwater motor
Underwater thrust About 1kg
No Load Speed 6105rpm
Weight 56g
Minimum order quantity   1unit

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Model 2210B underwater motor adopts electronic switching device to replace the traditional contact commutator and brush for electronic commutation. Therefore, it has the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, no commutation sparks and no interference, low mechanical noise and high lifetime.
This is a short shaft underwater motor, and we also have a long shaft one.
This motor comes with a propeller with 3 cables (U, V, W cables) and a base. On the base, it has holes for mounting screws. It is mainly used in underwater ROV robots/UAVs as propellers.
The motor has a maximum thrust of 1 kg and can handle seawater up to 200 meters deep.


Model No. 2210B
Motor type Underwater brushless motor (Short Shaft)
Rated voltage 11.1V
Weight 56g
Underwater thrust About 1KG(1N)
KV value 550KV
Rate Power 100-150W
Loaded current 13.5A
Unload speed 6105rpm
Rated torque 0.2N*m

Design drawing

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About underwater motors

This is an underwater motor with propeller and 3 cables (U,V,W cable).
Brushless underwater motor that is designed for underwater UAV/ROV UAV.
Threaded hole at the top of the motor for fixing the propeller.
The motor is completely waterproof and can handle water depths up to 200 meters.
This motor is short shaft. We also have a long shaft version.
This motor can rotate properly using a conventional brushless motor ESC (Electrical Speed Controller).
This motor has a submerged thrust of up to 1.0 KG (10N).
Customers can use ordinary UAV ESC (Electrical speed control) to drive this motor.
We only produce motors, not ESCs.

SW2210B motor Performance curve (11.1V, 550KV)

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Underwater motor advantages

1、Waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid short circuit of electrical components inside the chamber.
2、Effective blocking of dust and particles to avoid bearing wear.
3、Keep the cavity dry to avoid the motor and motor being corroded and oxidized, resulting in poor contact or leakage.


Widely used in precision electronic instruments, automation equipment, ROV Robots Drones, model drones and intelligent robots and other fields.

Output axis

1.Wiring method

First of all, the motor, power supply and ESC should be selected accurately according to the load and use conditions, the power supply voltage is too high is likely to cause damage to the motor and ESC, the power supply discharge power is insufficient to allow the motor to reach the rated power and affect the use of the effect. ESC selection should also be matched with the rated voltage of the motor. Motor installation screws should not be too long, so as not to damage the motor coil. Before wiring, for safety, please remove the motor load, first connect the ESC and motor three leads (three leads can be switched two to change the direction of the motor), and then connect the ESC signal line, pay attention to the signal line wiring order, do not connect the reverse. Finally connect the DC power supply, positive and negative polarity can not be reversed, most of the market ESCs have reverse protection, no reverse protection ESCs in the power supply positive and negative polarity will have the risk of burning.

2.Throttle travel calibration.

When using ESC for the first time, or change the PWM signal source, or use the throttle signal out of calibration for a long time, you need to calibrate the throttle travel.

Lead time and packaging information

Lead time for samples:
Standard motors in stock: within 3 days
Standard motors not in stock: within 15 days
Customized products: About 25~30 days (based on complexity of customization)
Lead time for building a new mold: generally about 45 days
Lead time for mass production: based on order quantity


Samples are packed in foam sponge with a paper box, shipped by express
Mass production, motors are packed in corrugated cartons with transparent film outside. (shipping by air)
If shipped by sea, product will be packed on pallets

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PackagingDelivery method and time

UPS 5-7 working days
TNT 5-7 working days
FedEx 7-9 working days
EMS 12-15 working days
China Post Depends on ship to which country
Sea Depends on ship to which country


Shipping method

On samples and air shipping , we use Fedex/TNT/UPS/DHL. (5~12 days for express service)

For sea shipping, we use our shipping agent, and ship from Shanghai port. (45~70 days for sea shipping)


Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a manufacture, and we produces mainly stepper motors.
Where is your factory location? Can we visit your factory?
Our factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Yes, you are very welcome to visit us.
Can you provide free samples?
No, we don’t provide free samples. Customers won’t treat free samples fairly.
Who pays for shipping cost? Can I use my shipping account?
Customers pay for shipping cost. We will quote you shipping cost.
If you think you have cheaper/more convenient shipping method, we can use you shipping account.
What’s you MOQ? Can I order one motor?
We don’t have MOQ, and you can order only one piece sample.
But we recommend you to order a little bit more, just in case the motor is damaged during your testing, and you can have a back-up.
Do you sell drivers? Do you produce them?
Yes, we do sell drivers. They are only suitable for temporary sample test, not suitable for mass production.
We do not produce drivers, we only produce stepper motors

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