High-speed DC gear motor N20 gearbox motor speed ratio can be selected

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N20 motor with gearbox

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1 unit

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This is a N20 DC motor with a 10*12 gearbox.
The N20 DC motor is also a brushed DC motor and has a no-load speed of about 15,000 RPM for a single motor.
When the motor is connected to a gear box, it will run slower and the torque will be higher.
Customers can choose the gear ratio according to their needs. The gear ratios available for gearboxes are: 2:1, 5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 30:1, 36:1 , 50:1, 63:1, 67:1, 89:1, 100:1, 110:1, 120:1, 150:1, 172:1, 210:1, 250:1, 275:1, 298 :1, 380:1, 420:1, 500:1, 600:1, 1000:1.
Gear ratios below 420:1 (including 420:1) have a gearbox length of 9mm.
Gear ratios over 420:1 have a gearbox length of 12 mm.


Model No. N20-GB12
Driving voltage 5V DC
Resistance 25Ω
Inductance 4 mH
No-load speed 9000RPM
Reduction ratio 298:1
No-load output speed 25RPM
No-load current <60mA
Output torque 800g.cm
Run direction CW/CCW


Design Drawing


About DC brushed motors

DC brushed motor is the most commonly used motor in the market.
The DC motor has brushes inside, l positive and negative pins (+ and -).
The speed of a DC motor can be controlled with different gear ratios or with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
With the torque boost of the gearbox, the DC motor can reach higher torque compared to the original torque of the motor.

N20 motor performance curve (12V 16000 no-load speed version)


N20 works on the following principles


Gearbox Parameters



Medical devices, robotics field, smart home, automotive drive, aircraft, consumer electronics, industrial automation, optical instruments and equipment field, etc.

Advantages of DC brushed motors

1. cheaper (compared to stepper motors)

2. Smaller size

3. Direct connection, easy to use

4. Wide range of use

5. Fast speed of rotation

6. Higher efficiency (compared with stepper motors) 

Customization Service

  • Out of the shaft length (the tail can be out of the shaft matching encoder),
  • The voltage,
  • The rotational speed,
  • Outlet mode,
  • Coil resistance
  • And connectors and so on.

Lead Time and Packaging Information

Lead time for samples:
Standard motors in stock: within 3 days
Standard motors not in stock: within 15 days
Customized products: About 25~30 days (based on complexity of customization)

Lead time for building a new mold: generally about 45 days

Lead time for mass production: based on order quantity

Samples are packed in foam sponge with a paper box, shipped by express
Mass production, motors are packed in corrugated cartons with transparent film outside. (shipping by air)
If shipped by sea, product will be packed on pallets


Shipping Method

On samples and air shipping, we use Fedex/TNT/UPS/DHL. (5~12 days for express service)
For sea shipping, we use our shipping agent, and ship from Shanghai port. (45~70 days for sea shipping)


1.Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a manufacture, and we produces mainly stepper motors.

2.Where is your factory location? Can we visit your factory?
Our factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Yes, you are very welcome to visit us.

3.Can you provide free samples?
No, we don’t provide free samples. Customers won’t treat free samples fairly.

4.Who pays for shipping cost? Can I use my shipping account?
Customers pay for shipping cost. We will quote you shipping cost.
If you think you have cheaper/more convenient shipping method, we can use you shipping account.

5.What’s you MOQ? Can I order one motor?
We don’t have MOQ, and you can order only one piece sample.
But we recommend you to order a little bit more, just in case the motor is damaged during your testing, and you can have a back-up.

6.We are developing a new project, do you provide customization service? Can we sign a NDA contract?
We have over 20 years of experience in stepper motor industry.
We have developed many projects,  we can provide full set customization from design drawing to production.
We are confident we can give you few advice/suggestions for your stepper motor project.
If you are worrying about confidential issues, yes, we can sign a NDA contract.

7.Do you sell drivers? Do you produce them?
Yes, we do sell drivers. They are only suitable for temporary sample test, not suitable for mass production.
We do not produce drivers, we only produce stepper motors

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