Micro Gear Stepper Motor 25PM Linear Motor For Precise Position Control

Short Description:

 Model No.: SM25-412L

Motor type: Bipolar
Drive method 2-2phase
Coil type: bipolar
Step angle: 7.5 degree/10
No. of phases 2 phases
Resistance 5Ω±7%/phase
Torque: 60g.cm
Minimum order quantity: 1unit


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The 25BYJ412 stepper motor is mainly used in printers, valves, fluid control, position control and other fields. This motor has the features of small size, high precision and high strength.

This stepper motor has a built-in gearbox with a reduction ratio of 1:10. Finally, an output top rod with a stop structure is used so that the plunger can move back and forth without rotating. The thrust force can be up to 10 kg.

JST PHR-4 P2.0 is chosen for the exterior of this motor, and the wiring part can be selected from various types and lengths of connecting wires or FPC FFC according to customer requirements. the shape of the mounting plate and the exit angle can be adjusted according to customer needs!


Model No. 25BYJ 412L
Motor diameter 25mm gearbox linear stepper motor
Gearbox ratio 10:1
Drive voltage 2.2~3.4V DC
Coil resistance 5Ω±10%/phase
Number of phase 2 phases
Stroke 5mm
Step angle 7.5°/10
Thrust 70N Min(2.6V 350PPS)
Pull-in frequency 750PPS (2.6V DC)
Pull-out frequency 800PPS (2.6V DC)
Step length 0.002mm/step
Spindle Tr3.5*P1.0
Inductance 3mH(Ref)

Design Drawing


About geared stepper motors

1. Life erpectancy L10 Life at 30° C:20hours Test condition TBD
2. EMC. EN standard EN 61000 (ETSI EN 300 220-1ETSI EN 300 220-2)
3. Noise Level: (200-600 Hz )maxinun TBD (A).
4. Build in direction:Vertical and horizontal
5. Anbient temperature:+50°C
6. Storage temperature:-20 to + 50 C.
7.Approval: ROHS
8. Humidity: 20-80% RH
9. Grease type: jaeger T-21
10. Grease supplier: JABGER


The following picture shows the product assembly



Geared stepper motors, widely used in Smart home, personal care, home appliance equipment, smart medical equipment, smart robot, smart logistics, smart cars, communication equipment, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, camera equipment, and other industries.


Lead Time and Packaging Information

Lead time for samples:
Standard motors in stock: within 3 days
Standard motors not in stock: within 15 days
Customized products: About 25~30 days (based on complexity of customization)

Lead time for building a new mold: generally about 45 days

Lead time for mass production: based on order quantity

Samples are packed in foam sponge with a paper box, shipped by express
Mass production, motors are packed in corrugated cartons with transparent film outside. (shipping by air)
If shipped by sea, product will be packed on pallets


Shipping Method

On samples and air shipping, we use Fedex/TNT/UPS/DHL. (5~12 days for express service)
For sea shipping, we use our shipping agent, and ship from Shanghai port. (45~70 days for sea shipping)


1.Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are a manufacture, and we produces mainly stepper motors.

2.Where is your factory location? Can we visit your factory?
Our factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Yes, you are very welcome to visit us.

3.Can you provide free samples?
No, we don’t provide free samples. Customers won’t treat free samples fairly.

4.Who pays for shipping cost? Can I use my shipping account?
Customers pay for shipping cost. We will quote you shipping cost.
If you think you have cheaper/more convenient shipping method, we can use you shipping account.

5.What’s you MOQ? Can I order one motor?
We don’t have MOQ, and you can order only one piece sample.
But we recommend you to order a little bit more, just in case the motor is damaged during your testing, and you can have a back-up.

6.We are developing a new project, do you provide customization service? Can we sign a NDA contract?
We have over 20 years of experience in stepper motor industry.
We have developed many projects,  we can provide full set customization from design drawing to production.
We are confident we can give you few advice/suggestions for your stepper motor project.
If you are worrying about confidential issues, yes, we can sign a NDA contract.

7.Do you sell drivers? Do you produce them?
Yes, we do sell drivers. They are only suitable for temporary sample test, not suitable for mass production.
We do not produce drivers, we only produce stepper motors

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